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A surrogacy birth story in Texas

Whenever a family asks me to photograph the birth of their child it is an amazing honor. This birth has left a permanent mark on my heart as it was the first time I ever photographed a surrogacy birth. When Melissa contacted me this past fall and told me that they were using a surrogate for the birth of their son, I was thrilled but also a little nervous since this was going to need to be photographed very differently than I am used to. I was so taken with Melissa’s story and how they came to find their surrogate, Dakota, that I knew I was up to this challenge.

To say that it was an emotional experience is an understatement. There was not a dry eye in the room when this baby boy was born. Knowing what they went through to get to this place, after many miscarriages, made this day all the more overwhelming. The bond that this family has with their surrogate is so beautiful and it makes my heart so happy to know they found such a special person who was willing to grow their baby in her own body for so many months. It is such a selfless act giving that kind of a gift to another family. And in the sweetest way, they honored Dakota by passing on her name to their son. His middle name will be a constant reminder of the angel that brought them their rainbow baby.



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