Texas Birth photography

Born and Growing in Houston, Texas


How do I know if I want a birth photographer?

Chances are if you have to ask yourself that question, then the answer might be that you don't want one at all. That's ok! Let's be perfectly honest here; this is a very up close and personal experience. Your photographer is going to see things. Yes, those things. I wouldn't be doing this if I was not comfortable with it. I have two children myself, so I am acutely aware of how this process works. But you do need to ask yourself, "Am I comfortable with this?" If the answer is no, then that is ok! This isn't an experience for everyone. Most people who know they want a photographer present don't even have to think about it. It is typically a "heck yes!" If you are on the fence about it, don't be afraid to ask me questions about my style and where I will be in the room when the baby is born. A good birth photographer is always putting your comfort and needs first so that you get the best experience. If that means I am a little more discreet about things then that is absolutely possible. I am here for you.


When should I book with you?

2nd trimester is best, but I will take clients all the way up through their third. Booking before your 36 week is important though.



When you do arrive?

You need to call me when you believe you are in labor. Typically I arrive when you are in "active labor." But it can also be sooner. This means there needs to be very clear and open lines of communication with your doctor or midwife so that they can tell you when you are approaching that time. At that point you are going to want to contact me to tell me to come over. You might not be in a position to be making phone calls at this point (but who knows, maybe you will be!), so you need to designate someone to contact me. Typically it is a spouse, your doula or another family member that you have present at your birth. Once your baby is born I will stay for another hour or so to document these first bonding moments. If you are having a hospital birth, this usually means staying with you until you are moved to a recovery room. If you are delivering in a birth center or at home there won't be any moving around, which often makes it easier on you and I since everything takes place in one space.


What happens if I am having a planned C-section or an emergency happens?

Again, you are going to want to discuss this with your physician early on. Some hospitals have policies that do not allow extra people in the operating room. If you know for certain that you are having a c-section you need to ask your doctor what your hospital’s policies are. If they don't allow photographers there isn't anything I can do about that. Instead, we could do an abridged story with you and your baby once you've been moved to a recovery room, and I can discuss with you how that might work. If you are in a situation, either at home, at your birth center and you need to be transported to the hospital, I will go to the hospital with you if that's what you want. This has happened to me before and we make it work. If you are in a situation where an emergency c-section is needed or you are brought to the operating room for any reason, you need to be prepared that I might not be able to go in with you. The nurses and physicians are not going to be thinking about making sure the photographer is given scrubs and a face mask. They are focussed on you and your baby. However, I have been in this situation before and I will do my best to advocate for you and for what you want. I will ask the nursing staff if I am able to go with you and if it is possible then I will do so. I have been in a situation where they have made me wait and I go in later. Either way, we will make it work.


How does it work if a backup photographer has to attend my birth?

If there is a case where I can’t attend your birth, either due to sickness or unavailability because you have gone into labor way outside my on-call time, then I have back-up professionals on hand that can cover. They are also trained birth photographers who shoot just like me and have a similar personality. They will take very good care of you.


Are you going to post my photos on the internet?

Yes. I do a very good job of communicating with my clients about what types of photos they are comfortable with.


Can we get together to meet first?

Yes! I like to meet all my potential clients in person for a consultation. And once you book me we also do an in-person meeting around 36 weeks to go over birth plans.


What is included in the fee for this type of service?

  • My on-call time from week 38 to week 41 of your pregnancy
  • In-person meeting around your 36th week
  • My time the day of your birth for the entire time
  • A curated and edited selection of photographs that tell the story of your birth experience
  • A flash drive of images with a copyright release to make prints for personal use or to share on social media if you wish


Do you have payment plans?

Yes. A retainer is required to hold your spot on my calendar and the balance is broken up into one or two payments depending on how far along you are when you book.