Texas Birth photography

Born and Growing in Houston, Texas

Why hire a birth photographer?

This is a photo of me delivering my daughter in the water last March. Yes. ME. Delivering my own child. Let that sink in for just a second.

Katy Birth Center photographer_0001

Now, the photo is a little blurry, but whatever. That isn’t the point. The point is that single second in time, that moment when life came into the world, that moment of pure endorphin rich exhilaration is frozen in time forever. Now, I don’t know about you, but I think that is pretty amazing. No offense to my husband, but the feeling I had after the births of both my girls far surpass any emotion I felt on my wedding day. It’s just biology! Look at what your body just did! Maybe you’re thinking about a water birth too. Don’t you want a photo of the moment you pulled that baby up out of the water, screaming a crying as you pull him or her to your chest in a shear adrenaline induced high??

Am I excited about the idea of that? Absolutely! And that is why I do this. Birth photography is more than just capturing this moment in time.

It is a celebration of the power that women hold and what we are capable of. 

Yes, asking someone to witness this incredibly personal and intimate experience takes courage and a willingness to let go of inhibitions and be venerable. If you can do that, if you want to do that, if you’re thinking you want to but just aren’t sure…call me. Let’s have a chat. I promise you that this is an experience you will not regret. The care I take with my clients is why people hire me. I don’t photograph births because I just love babies and think they are so cute and cuddly (although I do think babies are cute and cuddly). I’m doing this for a much bigger reason, one that honors and respects the journey you’ve just gone through over the past nine to ten months.

If this sounds appealing to you and you want this experience for yourself, please contact me. I take a limited amount of commissions each month to ensure my availability for all my moms-to-be. I photograph births in Katy and west Houston. I can’t wait to hear from you.

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